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Frequently Asked Questions
For candidates
1. What are the jobs available on TribeHired?

Currently, the companies on our marketplace are looking for a range of talent such as software developers, dev ops, data scientist, digital marketer, etc. TribeHired offers both permanent and freelance / contract jobs.

We are however open for other positions such as business development, engineering, finance, and other positions

2. How much do I need to pay to use TribeHired?

TribeHired is FREE for all job seekers.

3. What are the companies using TribeHired?

TribeHired works with a range of innovative companies, from start-ups to enterprise companies. Feel free to preview some of the companies that are actively looking to hire top talent on our marketplace here .

4. Can I sign up although I’m not looking for a job now?

Yes, you are encouraged to #JoinTheTribe at any point as you will be a part of our community that keeps each other afloat on news, tutorials and interesting job opportunities. Kindly specify during the sign up process on what stage of the job search process you’re at right now.

5. What can I do to increase my chances of getting interviews?

Introduction: Feel free to write a short description that explains who you are as a professional. Make sure to mention your career aspirations as well.

Work History: List 2-3 bullet points from your resume for each past role. You should be highlighting what you achieved, and which technology or tools were used. This is crucial, as employers want to see what skills/technology were used at each role to get a sense of your experience with each.

Additional Documents: It is highly encouraged that you include a resume and your LinkedIn account. Other links that will be useful for employers are GitHub, Stackoverflow, Dribble, etc.

Role & Skills: Make sure your top 3 skills accurately represent your experience IN ORDER OF PRIORITY (this affects how you show up in search queries).

For employers
1. Why should I use TribeHired?

Speed. Quality.

Finding the right talent for your team is tough. It’s even tougher to find the right person to join your team. You’d have to conduct numerous technical tests, shortlist candidates, interview them, make an offer, wait for them to accept the offer, and then wait for a couple of months for them to serve their notice periods.

We streamline this entire process, and do the heavy lifting for you. For starters, all of our applicants complete a stringent technical test. Only the ones that score above average move on to the next step where they’re evaluated on their soft skills.

Every week, we feature more 500 good new talents that are actively looking for work on our system, and might be interested in your company. That's 50% of the job search done before you have even started.

2. What type of candidates can I find on TribeHired?

Currently, our platform matches employers with software developers, project managers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and other talents on a full-time and contract basis.

The majority of our talent has between 2-15 years of experience, but we also have fresh grads and junior devs, as well as other talent like marketing, business development, finance, engineering, etc.

3. How do I communicate with candidates on TribeHired?

If you are interested to schedule an interview with a talent, you can reach out to the talent via TribeHired Message. The talent will immediately be notified and he or she will be given 24 hours to respond to your interview request.

4. How much does it cost to hire a full time dev on TribeHired?

It’s free to sign up, browse and interview talent. If a job offer has been made to any talent from our database and the talent accepts the offer, you will be invoiced on the talent start date for 18% of the talent's annual salary. This amount is subject to a one-time replacement if you let the talent go within 60 days of their start date. Replacements are done on a best-effort basis.

5. How about for an on-demand tech talent?

For starters, there is no (0) hiring fee charge for this. We only collect the developer’s pay at the start of the month, keep it in escrow, and then we release the pay to the developer at the end of every month. Do note that the developer’s pay varies depending on their seniority and also the tech stacks.

Why should I use TribeHired?

Every time a company needs to grow, it requires talent. Problem is, good talent is very hard to come by and requires lots of time and effort. TribeHired tries to remove the friction between you and great talent by offering you 20 top new talent on our system every week.

This talent have gone through our rigorous filtering process and have been pre-packaged for you. You can now quickly see whether they fit your requirements and your company culture before you even decide to call them for an interview.