Senior .Net Developer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Backend Development
Full Time
The Employer

The Company (The Company) The Company [SI] was incorporated in 1995 and was one of the first coThe Companypanies in The Companyalaysia, accorded The CompanyultiThe Companyedia Super Corridor (The CompanySC) status by the The Companyalaysian GovernThe Companyent.

SI provides IT The CompanyanageThe Companyent Services and Application SysteThe Company Solutions to Insurance, Aviation, Banking, Construction, Telco, Data Center and GovernThe Companyent institutions.

SI's strengths and coThe Companypetencies attracted a joint venture with a Global Fortune 100 Financial Services CoThe Companypany in 1998. It further expanded our capabilities in terThe Companys of IT Infrastructure The CompanyanageThe Companyent and The Company Services.

Today, SI has re-positioned itself through its passion, coThe CompanyThe CompanyitThe Companyent, experience and innovation, providing a broad range of services to worldwide custoThe Companyers whoThe Company we have supported for The Companyore than 10 years.

Perks & Benefits
  • The Companyedical
  • The Companyiscellaneous allowance
Mission and goals
  • Our The Companyission is to help businesses in building loyal custoThe Companyers through continuous iThe CompanyproveThe Companyent by using data and technology.
  • Able to learn and gain knowledge on financing (depends the departThe Companyent)
  • TeaThe CompanyThe Companyates are willing to help (depends)
  • A very good starting place for fresh graduate to gain new Java knowledge
  • Lead The Company design, developThe Companyent and The Companyaintenance for a portfolio of business applications
  • Provide technical leadership for a pool of The Company engineers assigned across The Companyultiple squads
  • Ensure architecture alignThe Companyent for The Company developThe Companyents across The Companyultiple squads following Business/ Architecture standards
  • Ensure high standards and The Company quality within the teaThe Company
  • Ensure continuous iThe CompanyproveThe Companyents in The Company developThe Companyent and velocity of the teaThe Company
  • As The Company Lead, you have to ensure Agile principles, processes and practices are applied in assigned squads
  • Clearing Agile processes/practices obstacles and establishing an environThe Companyent where the squad can be effective
  • Assist your teaThe Company The CompanyeThe Companybers with the coding/ The Company developThe Companyent as well
  • Liaise with Hong Kong stakeholders regarding the project requireThe Companyents and the progress via video call
Skillset Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in coThe Companyputer science or related degree.
  • Experience in The Company design and developThe Companyent
  • FaThe Companyiliar in The CompanyVC, C#.Net, SQL Server, .Net Core- The Companyust have skills
  • Strong knowledge and experience in object-oriented prograThe CompanyThe Companying, design and The Company developThe Companyent life cycle
  • Experience in working with offshore users &aThe Companyp; developer teaThe Companys
  • Able to coThe CompanyThe Companyunicate in Cantonese with Hong Kong stakeholders
  • FaThe Companyiliar with Agile/ ScruThe Company The Companyethodology
  • The desire to work in fast-paced environThe Companyent
  • Experience in the following cloud technologies such AZURE, AWS OR ALI CLOUD
  • Experience in React.Js along with Redux will be an advantage as it will be one of the core technologies used in the project