Performance & Capability Engineer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Process Design & Control
Full Time
The Employer

The company has been a part of Malaysia’s mobility journey for over two decades. With 25 million active cards, 1.2 million active users, and 13 million unique customers, the company continues to champion Malaysia’s mobility ecosystem through tolling, parking and transit powered by innovative technology.

Perks & Benefits
  • Flexi-hours
  • Cutting-edge workspaces
  • Breakfast days
  • Sports and adventure outings
  • e-Wallet allowances
Mission and goals

Connecting Malaysians to all aspects of urban mobility.

  1. We are the Revolution
  2. Revolutionizing the way we do business so the lives of Malaysians can be made easier, quicker & more seamless.
  3. We are the Future
  4. Setting the stage for a digitized future of efficient cashless transactions, rewarding not only you, but that of our business partners.
  5. We are Digitized and Beyond
  6. Always innovating and seeking ways to make our e-wallet smarter so that lives can be more enjoyable.

The work culture at the company is competitive, fun, and fulfilling, reflecting the young and energetic workforce that powers the company. New ideas, new directions and fresh inspiration are what we nurture in the company, with flexi-hours, cutting-edge workspaces, breakfast days, sports and adventure outings, e-wallet allowances being only some of the benefits we offer our people. The ideal candidate for the company should not only possess the necessary skills to work in a world-class tech company but also the entrepreneurial mindset to accept new challenges and think beyond the everyday paradigms.

  • Defining an optimum configuration for our e-Wallet to maximize its performance with the lowest cost possible 
  • Being one of the key brains to solve any performance issue 
  • Actively doing analysis, throwing ideas and finding solutions during monthly performance test 
  • Providing suggestions on how to effectively solve performance issues while maintaining the efficiency of the systems 
  • Regularly monitoring the capacity of the systems to make sure all resources are adequate and/or fully utilized 
  • Forecasting resource needs and configuration for future events and campaigns 
  • Working closely with Infrastructure team to ensure all resources are always efficient and optimum 
  • Working closely with Incident team to respond quickly to any traffic surges
Skillset Requirements
  • At least 4-6 years of experience in cloud technology such as AWS and/or Alibaba Cloud
  • At least 4 year of experience using Docker
  • Hands on experience with load balancing, auto scaling, High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Hands on experience troubleshooting infrastructure issues, especially in the Cloud
  • Hands on experience with infrastructure monitoring, especially in the cloud. For example, reading logs and statistics, setting up alerts, etc
  • Hands on experience with performance tuning
  • Must be comfortable with Linux command prompt and file system
  • Must be comfortable with SQL databases, in-memory databases
  • Ideally someone from software development background who has extensive knowledge in infrastructure
  • Experience with shell script will be an advantage
  • Network knowledge will be an advantage