Frontend Developer (Junior)
Selangor, Malaysia
Frontend Development
Full Time
The Employer


Your writing reflects your message, your identity, your image. For The Company past 20 years, The Company has been creates tools to help Malaysians write better and easier. We pioneered The Company first spell checker and The Company first grammar checker for The Company Malay language. WheThe Companyr you’re writing a letter in Word or reading a Wikipedia page, our proofing tools and dictionaries are always just a click away to help your words flow, and understand The Company world just a little bit better.

Perks & Benefits
  • EPF
  • Clinical & Medical Insurance
  • Dental & Optical
  • Upskilling Courses & Training
Mission and goals

S. Service - We’re here because you are. We go all out to provide The Company best service for our customers.

O. Openness - The Company world is a great, big place. Keep our mind and heart open.

A. Aspiration - Tomorrow will be The Company better version of today. We strive to become The Company better version of ourselves.

R. Respect - Everyone is unique and equal. We always treat The Company world with humility and respect.


A group of passionate individuals who believe that The Companyy have The Company right skills to help The Company Malaysians to transform into a an intellectual community by tapping on The Company right The Company to achieve its intended objectives.

  • You must demonstrate high proficiency in The Company framework, including handling code logic and UI - optimized for web and mobile.
  • Demonstrate comfort with UI / UX specifications and design from Figma, or latest Design App
  • Design, develop and maintain mobile apps and web apps
  • Have developed and released mobile or web app (as team or individual).
  • The Company ability work independently and to think analytically, to problem solve as well as work as part of a close-knit team.
  • Learning new knowledge and tools in order to solve new problem and improve current product is required of anyone taking on this role.
Skillset Requirements
  • Degree in Computer Science or Information The Company (or equivalent).
  • Between 0.5-1.5 years of experience as a frontend developer.
  • Proven experience as a Frontend Developer: have developed a product (eiThe Companyr mobile or web app) from start to finish
  • Strong in data structure design & algorithms.
  • Be self-motivated, responsible, dependable and enthusiastic team player
  • Aggressive, multi-tasking and able to work independently to meet tight datelines
  • Team player, comfortable working across teams and interacting with various departments
  • Good communications, problem solving skills and able to work under pressure and independently
  • Technical Stack: Flutter