Customer Success Executive/Account Executive
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sales - Corporate
Full Time
The Employer

The company was founded in 2004 during the nascent digital era in Malaysia. We have since become a success story, filling the gap in the local digital landscape. We have also developed a robust platform to serve our clients by providing web and email solutions.

Perks & Benefits
  • Medical insurance upon confirmation
  • claimable allowance
  • 5 day/week job
Mission and goals

The company was founded on the simple criteria of driving and solving business problems by using the technologies available. Its founders are firmly focused on using their technological acumen to address the hassles faced by business owners in the market today.

With a continuously evolving and mature product set, combined with good market demand, the company boasts a highly experienced management team, comprised of executives possessing notable financial, operational, and technological experience.

  • We continuously look into the future growth of the company and its people who will make it happen.
  • We're looking to build up a world-class team of experienced and motivated individuals, who will bring their expertise to maximize the value of our technologies, services and business development activities.
  • Independently complete the development of relevant back-end functions of the website, app, and background arranged by the company, as well as some front-end development work, and output corresponding documents
  • Cooperate with front-end colleagues for functional docking and joint debugging to ensure functional safety, stability and efficiency
  • Participate in the review and analysis of technical requirements of the project, and be able to actively provide insightful opinions and communicate effectively with relevant personnel.
  • Participate in technical analysis of online projects, solve system performance bottlenecks, and perform related optimizations
  • Complete other related tasks arranged by the company
Skill Requirements
  • Diploma or bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience)
  • 3 years & above of experience in Golang development
  • Familiar with web frameworks such as beego and gin, and have used one of these frameworks in previous work.
  • Be proficient in the application of mysql database, have certain experience in database security and optimization, and have performed database tuning work in actual projects
  • Proficient in the application of redis database, familiar with redis usage scenarios and related data structures
  • Familiar with the deployment and configuration of nginx and apache application servers, and have certain optimization experience
  • Have development experience in back-end interface security, stability, and efficiency, understand the principles of multi-threading, and be proficient in golang's coroutine programming
  • Good coding habits and ability to write corresponding development documents
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit and teamwork spirit, as well as strong communication skills and understanding
  • Preference familiar with website front-end languages, such as js, html, css, etc.
  • Preference familiar with python language
  • Preference familiar with Docker and have experience in Docker and Kubernetes operation and maintenance
  • Preference familiar with Java language
Skillset & Experience
Sales - Corporate Junior (2-3 Years)