Resident Doctor
Johor, Malaysia
Full Time
The Employer

To provide the best healthcare to the community and workers

  • Generalist medical practitioners (including family and primary care doctors) diagnose, treat and prevent illness, disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments and maintain general health in humans through application of the principles and procedures of modern medicine. They do not limit their practice to certain disease categories or methods of treatment, and may assume responsibility for the provision of continuing and comprehensive medical care to individuals, families and communities.
  • Tasks include –
  • conducting physical examinations of patients and interviewing them and their families to determine their health status;
  • Able to perform antenatal ultrasound.
  • ordering laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures and analysing findings to determine the nature of disorders or illnesses;
  • providing continuing medical care for patients including prescribing, administering, counselling on and monitoring curative treatments and preventive measures;
  • performing minor surgery and other clinical procedures;
  • advising individuals, families and communities on health, nutrition and lifestyle which aid prevention or treatment of disease and disorders;
  • able to participate in programs designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of common diseases.

Skillset Requirements
  • Candidate must prossess at least a medical degree MBBS or equivalent.
  • Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Positive attitude, passionate on collaborative teamwork, excel at interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to perform antenatal ultrasound
  • Adaptable to change, able to pivot and find alternate solutions, demonstrated capability in meeting new challenges.
  • Good problem solving skills, able to navigate unexpected situations or conditions.
  • Critical observer-thinker, bringing fresh perspective and offer intuitive solutions and ideas.
  • 5 working days / 45 hours / week