Junior Business Analyst/Intern
Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Digital marketing
Full Time
The Employer

| About PerfectScore

The Company is searching for brilliant minds to join our hunt for impact through technology.

The Company: https://myThe Company.com

We are a small, early-stage software tech start-up, founded by Stanford and MIT alumni, based in Taipei. Our team of founders, investors, and advisors has experience in engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, and consulting in Silicon Valley and New York.

We are looking for high energy individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship.

  1. We’re bootstrapped and rapidly expanding.
  2. We love experimenting with creative product marketing, and engineering ideas for quick MVP iteration launches
  3. Our diverse workforce represents 3 continents.
  4. Our team has more females than males.

| Job Description

Junior Business Analyst/Intern is for current college/university students or recent graduates and MBA students or recent graduates.

As a Junior Business Analyst Intern, you will be responsible for:

1. Assisting with the development of business cases and operating plans.

2. Building a funnel to recruit candidates for usability and product interviews.

3. Proactively mitigate business operational risks.

4. Communicate and present product roadmaps with interns or affiliates.

5 .Hold teams accountable to make and meet commitments.

6. Cultivate a high-performing, one-team culture.

7. Work collaboratively with others to ensure MVP OKRs/KPIs/deliverables are met.

8. Owning a completely new product idea, defining the pain point, problem and solution, target audience.

9. Testing and validating the idea with key stakeholders, including first customers, designers, sales and marketing.

10. Acting as the voice of the customer in the definition of innovative digital solutions.

11. Acting as the voice of the customer, with a deep understanding of user personas, pain points and customer journeys.

12. Gathering and managing product feedback through surveys, concept testing, analytics tools, and A/B testing.

Salary Range:

Compensation Levels - Monthly: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GcJ4VXdBomgkLeeOGU2xmKifNkVHJPWOJUrAED4bq_Q/edit#gid=837854947 

*Flexible pay days: The first month is weekly pay, if you’d like.

Flexible working hours. Normal hours not required. Full remote. Performance based. Based on KPI, we will decide on discretionary bonus, full time (with insurance) offer, and terms.

This job offers you:

1. Flexible time, full-remote work

2. Full-time, fixed term (contract-based) employment, or internships

3. Performance-based rewards and bonus

4. A driven, creative, and multi-talented group of colleagues who are extraordinary passionate about startups

5. Ownership of your role and responsibilities, impact on an innovative culture

6. Work closely with teams that are creating solutions for some of the most challenging, relevant issues

7. A work environment built on trust, accountability, collaboration, curiosity, fearlessness, kindness and respect

Skillset Requirements

| Requirements

1. Fluent English ability, especially writing, in order to be effective in copywriting.

2. Work with key stakeholders to get new content online for new projects and make updates to existing content updated with search engine marketing best practices in mind.

3. Good written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively across and build network across all levels of a large international organization

4. Ability to work with effectively with a diverse group of team members

5. Ability to work under pressure and deliver on tight deadlines

*5 Rotational Internship Tracks available:

  1. Marketing & Growth
  2. User interview
  3. Research & Product
  4. Sales

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