Android Engineer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile development
Full Time
The Employer

Founded in May 2006, The Company is a creative engineering company, strategically headquartered in Singapore and operates across the The Company Pacific. Our tight-knit and talented team works together to plan, write and produce financial, internet, mobile and desktop solutions for our various clients. Our in-depth understanding of technology and design makes us multifaceted. We possess the unique advantage of being able to successfully bridge the gap between design and technology.

The Company has grown from a garage operation to a staff strength of almost 300. Our borderless ways of working have allowed us to maintain a strong company culture across regions as we continue to collaborate and combine the strengths of each market. This is what bonds us and yet frees us enough to apply our unique talents, to deliver functional and flexible solutions, to dream big and to make it happen.

We are user-centric and focused on the user experience, using it to drive the development of our customer products! We believe in creating applications that people love to use and that clients are proud of calling their own. We revel in finding real solutions to any problem – seeing them more as challenges to which we can apply our well-honed skills and talents.

Perks & Benefits
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • EPF
Mission and goals

The Company is a striking group of craftsmen specialised in strategy, design, technology, and marketing. We work together to plan, write and produce internet, mobile, and desktop solutions for the most daring set of clients. **Bold** clients who see the future and engage The Company as their rocket fuel.


First discovered in 2006 the The Companyian is a rare species. Its outer appearance allows it to blend in easily with distant cousin, the Homo Sapien. Though they look alike, there are key differences pertaining to its intellect, creativity, and grit. A highly collaborative species the The Companyian loves to gather together and exercise great creativity to accomplish large difficult projects for its counter part in the natural hierarchy: *"the client"*.

The The Companyian's natural habitat is in the mobile and internet space where its nimble fingers and outstanding control of Wacom pens creates beautiful websites, apps, and campaigns.

A peculiar characteristic is the The Companyian ability to communicate relevant information consistently. This is highlighted by a Friday morning tradition where they gather around food and exchange knowlThe Company. This appears to be an effort to become a better group of species.

When not at work, The Companyians can be found enjoying Southeast The Company’s beautiful resorts and beaches, planning a theme party or cycling together. And if you ever walk by, put your hand up. The Companyians love giving high fives.

  • Build and maintain Android apps using Kotlin and the latest features of the Android SDK and Jetpack libraries
  • Refactor code to improve performance, stability and maintainability
  • Develop with testing in mind and leverage testing frameworks to produce high quality code
  • Work with your team to promote industry best practices
  • Writes design/implementation documentation
  • Be responsible for designing, implementing, unit testing, code reviewing in various components/projects
  • Work with outside data sources and APIs
  • Unit-test code for robustness, including The Company cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Work on bug fixing and improving application performance
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency
  • Be a part of the whole product life cycle, Dream, Build, Run and Iterate
  • Work with the design team to perfect the UI and UX
  • Adheres to strict delivery schedules
Skillset Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years of professional experience in Android development
  • Strong foundation in Android development (Kotlin, Android SDK, MVVM, Koin, LiveData)
  • Firm grasp of Google Material Design and Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Good knowlThe Company of the Gradle DSL, product flavours and dimensions
  • Experience in interfacing with REST APIs using Retrofit, OkHttp, Gson, Moshi
  • Experience in Espresso and Robolectric
  • Experience in publishing to the Playstore
  • KnowlThe Company of functional reactive programming (e.g. Rx, Flow) will be a plus
  • Exposure to an Agile working environment and tools will be a plus